Gorrox appeared in 2018 TV series called Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. Gorrox is a pirate/bull themed Galaxy Warriors Contestant in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. Gorrox is sent by Madame Odius to use his human form to disguise himself as a famous TV producer. He views auditions to be on Odius’ new TV show and picks Victor and Monty for the task. He then reveals his real form and battles the rangers. He overpowers them but is defeated by the Lion Fire Slash. He however survives and gets back-up from Brax. The two of them are gigantified and they overpower the Ninja Blaze and Ninja Steel Megazords. However, he is destroyed by the Ninja Ultrazord. Gorrox is, like Brax, is very rough and tough. He is also very good in battle. However, he is very overconfident which ultimately leads to his demise.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Sheer Strength: Similar to Brax, he is very strong, withstanding many attacks and overpowering the Rangers.

Arsenals Edit

  • Club: Gorrox wields a club in battle to bash his enemies.
  • Horns: Being Bull-themed, He has horns on his head, with which he can ram his enemies with.

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