Mutant Bear (Annihilation)

The Mutant Bear appeared in the 2018 movie called Annihilation. It's a kind of bear with a bear's skull for a head and it can mimic anyone. Intertwined with the head of the bear is a human skull. The lower jaw bone and teeth of the human skull can be found in the bear's mouth. The upper half of the human skull blends into the right side of the bear's head, where one eye socket and an eye are shared between the two skulls. In Annihilation, the bear is shown to be able to mimic human voices (Cass' during the film) and can potentially use this ability to lure its victims. It is unconfirmed whether or not this is a specific strategy, but it proved successful during the film. The bear was shown to use a combination of human screams, human pleading, and animal-like roaring.

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