Nanashi appeared in 2018 animated TV series called SSSS.GRIDMAN. Nanashi (ナナシ, credited as 'Anonymous') is a kaiju that appears in SSSS.GRIDMAN. It is Akane Shinjo's final kaiju. This kaiju really has no name, as 'nanashi' (名無し) translates to 'nameless'.

This was the first kaiju to appear in over a week, being selected by Akane Shinjo among several incomplete figures after Alexis・Kerib pushed her into making a new kaiju. It was easily dealt with by Full Powered Gridman, who launched the Breast Spark at it. However, unlike other kaiju, its corpse did not explode.

Later, something else emerged from the "corpse" and began to wander around decapitating the Venoras, clearing the fog around the city. Full Powered Gridman was called into action once more, but was easily defeated by the creature because of its unpredictable and powerful attacks. The monster then began tearing the Assist Weapons off of Gridman and strangled him, until Anti arrived, knocking the monster aside. It then shot both of its opponents with a destruction ray, but Anti got in the way to protect Gridman. Battling alone, Anti evolved into Gridknight, and was able to match his enemy. Gridknight finished off the kaiju by slicing it in half using his new cutting halo attack.

It, along with all the other kaiju Gridman fought, reappeared when they were summoned by Alexis to get rid of Gridknight, since Akane refused to make any more new kaiju. It was finished off along with Gonglee when Gridknight sliced them in half using the Gridknight Circular.

Powers and Abilities


  • Pink Lightning Ray: The monster can fire a stream of pink lightning from somewhere on its head.


  • Strength: It has incredible strength, being able to physically harm Full Powered Gridman as well as tear the Assist Weapons off his body.
  • Agility: The monster is incredibly fast and agile, being able to dodge a barrage of missiles fired at it.
  • Energy Beam: A very powerful energy beam fired from its "eye", it can defeat Full Powered Gridman in one shot.
  • Instant Decapitation: Simply by walking past them, it can somehow decapitate the Venoras.
  • Unpredictability: The monster's unpredictable moves and behavior prevent Gridman from anticipating its assaults, or land an attack on it. Despite this, Anti's Gridknight form can keep up with its speed and eventually defeated it.
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