The Tunneler appeared in the 1989 movie called The Puppet Master. It is one of Andre Toulon's puppets that he had created during the second World War in Berlin, Germany. Tunneler's personality is that of a cold-blooded killer. He is intelligent and capable of carrying out complex orders. Tunneler's soul is Joseph Sebastian, a soldier who was forced to work in the Nazi's salt mines until he died. As a puppet, Tunneler is more of a "gimmick" than a character.

Tunneler does not show much distinguishable personality, when he appears the focus is usually on what his weapon does rather than how he acts. Tunneler is more of a follower than a leader, rarely acting first.

Powers and Abilities Edit

The drill on his head can willingly turn on and off and drills right through his victims. Tunneler is equipped with a new drill on his head and a drill for a hand, (which is also a laser drill).